Our Mission

Marketing is a term given to a collection of elements that fundamentally struggle to achieve anything individually, but together as a organised discipline, it can be the difference between success and failure for any size business. We will proudly work with other businesses and provide the highest quality marketing support. We will research, learn, plan, create and most importantly execute thorough and unique marketing campaigns. These campaigns will be unique to each and every client and will set them apart from the competitors in their extremely crowded markets. 


As a company we will strive to prosper not just for us but each and every one of our clients. We will work hard for and enrich the businesses that want to work with us. Our vision is to help them succeed and evolve into the vision their owners have for them. We will teach our clients what we do and give them a clear understanding of the importance of and the processes we undertake to reach the goals we set out for them at the beginning. 

With over a decade of creating, building and surrounding ourselves with successful businesses; largely in part due to successful marketing, we have more experience than our competitors. We specialise in working in the rural areas and with small to medium businesses and know what type of commitment success requires. We are a medium sized business, we understand the struggles and strains business owners go through, cause we go through them. With a wealth of experience, a key eye for quality and holding ourselves to a higher standard than anybody else holds us too, we are the right answer to the question that you didn't even know you were asking. 

face behind the brand

andrew leske


Andrew has spent his entire life living and working for himself in Port Pirie and the surrounding regions. Owning multiple businesses across different industries and is always looking to expand his professional resume through successful businesses.


Now in his 30s he has begun to look back at what has played key roles in all his businesses and something he is extremely passionate about, marketing

Andrew sets a high standard for his own businesses and understands the importance that marketing plays on businesses succeeding or failing. With thorough understanding of the strengths/weaknesses of different social media platforms, the importance of quality content, the confusing world of SEO's, domain analytics and everything that comes with the world wide web, he has a wealth of knowledge that your business needs. 

As a business owner in a fast pace industry that is forever evolving, Andrew makes it simple, comfortable and appealing for other business owners to engage with him and work together to succeed.